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7 Simple Stress Busters

Join us and learn simple techniques and experience how to apply Sound, Breath, and Movement, to help bring more balance to your life.

Feeling Tense?

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Any of These Too Familiar?

  • Do you always feel exhausted? Sleep elusive?

  • Mood swings? In a crabby mood a lot and don't know why?

  • Do you sit so long it's difficult to stand up?

  • Feels like you never have time to shift gears between projects?

  • You can't remember the last time you took a breath?

  • There's so much going on you can't hear yourself think?

  • There's so much noise you can't hear your own voice?

  • Too many projects, too little time, still living the illusion of control?


It's time to breathe and remember,
Change is Inevitable, Stress is Optional...


What You'll Learn

  • Discover

    How we stop breathing and how it can block energy. Use breathwork to free up that energy.

  • Experience

    The importance of the pause and how quickly and easily it can be done between projects. 

  • Take Away

    Breathing patterns that balance the brain hemispheres and balance body and brain.

  • Discover

    Ways to free up stuck energy so you can reclaim and redirect it somewhere useful.

  • Experience

    Movements you can do, sitting and standing, that help stretch out the “sitting” muscles.

  • Take Away

    Being in resonance with your own voice & how to use simple sounds to stay in resonance.

Come relax, refresh and recharge with us!

"Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin,

as self-neglecting."

- William Shakespeare, King Henry V


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7 Simple Stress Busters is designed to empower you with techniques to release the stress of everyday life, specifically chosen because they can all be done without tools. All you need is you.

Everyday life is impacted by millions of sensations and filled with choices, challenges, and stress. For many, all that daily input triggers the unconscious mind and sets them up on the hamster wheel of stress. It’s time to make a conscious choice to use tools to release stress and stuck energy.

Self-care is more important than ever these days and fundamental to a happy, healthy life. Stress can come from anywhere. Daily routine, from societal influences, societal chaos, and too many voices telling us this and that.  All the resulting chaos needs to be let go of so you can hear yourself think. When you resonant with your own voice, you can hear yourself above the crowds and the chaos.

Testimonials from Wendy's Clients

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"Thank you a zillion times for my mind, body, and spirit connection! You find and shift the energy with quicker results. Some shifts can be felt immediately, while others are seen later. I like the new me. I am very grateful for what you have done for me. You kick butt!"

-Dr. Patti King
Chiropractic and Acupuncture

"Wendy has assisted me in working through a number of physical and emotional issues that had plagued me for years. In one session she helped me clear a block in driving my car that prevented me from the type of independence I so enjoy! I feel much more free to be truly who I am and to do what makes me happy."

- Sarah W.

"Wendy is the most marvelous teacher, accessible, helpful, logical, understandable, easy flow and fashion, a darn good teacher!"


What People are Saying About Wendy's Book


“Having had a personal experience with insurance that was far from positive, I commend Wendy for her good work. If you want to learn the “real deal” about our insurance and so-called health care industry, read this book.” 

-Bob Proctor, Author and Teacher
from the movie, The Secret


“After the Wreck will be seen as controversial I’m sure. I admire someone who is willing to tell the painful truth from her own perspective and somehow keep it humorous too.”

-Dr. Joe Rubino, creator, and


“I admire the courage it took for Wendy Teague to write After the Wreck. She was brave enough to relive the past and share open heartedly so that we may learn from her experience."

-Adam Markel, CEO of Peak Potentials, speaker, author & attorney

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7 Simple Stress Busters 

Friday May 27 2pm ET | 1pm CT | Noon MT | 11am PT


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Meet Your Guide


Wendy Teague

Wendy Teague is an Energetic Arts Practitioner, Play Master, author, speaker, and consultant. For over 30 years Wendy has worked with vibrational, frequency, and resonance healing for individuals, groups, and long-distance healing. She loves helping people demystify energy work and learn to self-heal the multiple layers of their being. She has developed programs working specifically to clear the compound trauma of people’s lives, including fear, emotional pain, and other issues that keep them stuck in the past.

She has introduced thousands of people and animals to the culture and benefits of energy healing through her lectures, classes, and individual and group sessions. She has been a Certified Resonance Repatterning practitioner since 1997, traveled to Australia to attend, "The Power of Sound" teacher training in 2001 with Chris James, and received her certification in the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics in 2004. Wendy also has a strong background in sound healing, essential oils, and crystal healing.

Before shifting into full-time energy practice in 1997, Wendy had a successful career in the corporate arena as a computer systems analyst.

As a survivor and thriver of multiple devastating traumas, both physical and emotional, Wendy has experienced what it's like to live in pain and suffering from illness, surgery, and injury and how the energetic impact can drain your passion for life.

Wendy was driven with a passion to reclaim her power by sharing her experience with others and giving them support and guidance in navigating the obstacle course that begins after a life-altering event occurs. Her book "After the Wreck, How to Navigate the Medical Circus and Legal Loopholes" is a product of that passion to heal and help others.





Sharing techniques that use the

Power of Sound, Breath and Movement,

to Help People Heal Themselves.

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