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7 Simple Stress Busters

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Everyday life is impacted by millions of sensations and filled with choices and challenges. For many, all that daily input triggers the unconscious mind and sets them up on the hamster wheel of stress. While the brain may see stress as an action, it is one that does not move you forward. It’s time to make a conscious choice and move away from stress.

Learn and Experience modalities from:

  • Breath to balance body and brain.
  • Sound for resonance with your own voice.
  • And Movement to free up energy

Friday, April 22nd  2pm ET | 1pm CT | Noon MT | 11am PT

Thursday, April 28th 2pm ET | 1pm CT | Noon MT | 11am PT



7 Simple Stress Busters is designed to Empower You with techniques that help release the stress that can build up from everyday life. These easy techniques were chosen because they can all be done without tools. All you need is you.

With all the chaos in the world today, Self care is more important than ever. Learn and experience simple breath techniques that help bring balance to your life. Learn how to use sound to come into resonance with your own voice so you can hear yourself above the crowds and the chaos.   

Sharing techniques that use the

Power of Sound, Breath and Movement,

to Help People Heal Themselves.

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